For those who love gaming and have tried nearly all gaming devices will tell you how PC gaming appeals compared to other gaming consoles. Most people who don’t have gaming PCs and only play using the ordinary enterprise computers for businesses and simple entertainment for sure won’t give me support on this. This is because such PCs never offer the required proper gaming effects a gaming PC is designed to deliver. Try out playing a game using a gaming PC, and you’ll be amazed at the gaming experience the machine provides.

Why is PC gaming the way to game nowadays? Microsoft and other software designing companies have designed optimized software to support gaming, and the computer hardware is more optimized to support most and better-upgraded gaming and affiliated software than a console can support. This only being a tip of the iceberg, there’s more to why PC gaming is far much better.


There’s no better issue to talk about than talking about this elephant in the room, the difference in pricing. If you are a console gamer, keyboard for a gaming PCyou’ll surely bear me witness that console games in disks are way extremely costly. The playing pads are also another massive investment in case they get damaged, which they rapidly do. The only cost to exceedingly incur when opting for PC gaming is only to purchase the gaming PC itself. The machine is a bit expensive, but once you access it, all other expenses are pocket-friendly, unlike a console.

Backward Compatibility

Advancement in PC game versions are improvements of their previous counterparts and so for adventure games, for example, Modern Warfare, a gamer feels extra captivated when proceeding to play a game included with a flowing story from the start to the end. Games played on gaming consoles appear to be new as the game progresses, why? First, accessing the games is an investment so you’ll wait a bit longer until you forget the flow of the game. Secondly, the gaming experience between two versions of the same game is remarkably different and so making a gamer feel like he/she is playing different games.

Flexibility in Control

PCs have flexible and many control options compared to consoles which use only one control option, a gamepad with limited control PC gamebuttons. In controlling a game played in a gaming PC, you can do it using a PC gaming pad, using the many keyboard keys you usually use and are conversant with, you also can use a mouse or even a trackball. With all these options, gaming becomes very interactive, easy and engaging than a gaming console can ever be.